Woven 139 is a Christ-centered organization that focuses on recovery for women who have been trapped in human trafficking. Our purpose is to rescue, restore, rehabilitate, and redeem women caught in the cycle of prostitution, homelessness, and drug addiction.

woven_139_main_logoWoven 139 comes from Psalm 139, what God says about the women. Every girl, 100+ that I have met in the last four years says she is garbage, so we tell the ladies how precious they are to the God their Creator. Autumn of 2013 we began with 6 volunteers, ministering on the streets of Cincinnati in OTR, Upper and Lower Price Hill, Walnut Hills, Carthage, and Newport loving on the ladies caught in the web of prostitution and heroin, which goes hand in hand. We also are blessed to minister to the transgender prostitutes and the homeless. Our biggest challenge has been find a place for the ladies to detox and receive all of the necessary help for them to be free completely.

Currently 45+ Volunteers from 15 different churches in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. Teams of 6 to 8 minister each week on Wednesday mornings and Thursday night.
Ellen’s Bio: I am Ellen Fitch, Executive director and founder of Woven 139 I first became aware of human trafficking when I, my husband with our three children were missionaries in Albania for ten years. It was there that we saw street children, mainly Gypsies, being trafficked to Italy and Greece. We founded a small school in the capital of Tirana for the street children to help them get an education and lessen the likelihood of them being trafficked.
We also saw young girls and women being trafficked in the refugee camps during the Kosovo refugee crisis. After that, I knew I could not just sit on the sidelines. When we returned to Cincinnati, I realized that this evil was also happening right here in my own city.

After watching the documentary Nefarious: Merchant of Souls. I knew then, I would somehow join the fight against human trafficking. Taking a course on Human Trafficking and have doing all I could to get involved in anti-human trafficking.
Woven 139 began in the fall of 2013 with just 5 people. By January of 2014 there were 24 people now there are over 50 people involved in Woven 139.
In these past few years we have ministered to more than 150 women trapped in the cycle of prostitution. Every woman when we first met her said that she was garbage. The reason we decided on Woven 139 is taken from Psalms 139 where it tells us that we are all woven by God and that we are all His treasure . We simply take a warm meal. each week yo the ladies and love on them and pray with them. The men that minister with us minister to the pimps and dealers as the women on the team minister to the ladies. The women now know us and make sure they are prayed over. Some have given their lives to Christ. We make sure the women know the resources that are available to them where they spend most of their time in certain neighborhoods.
Our long term vision is to buy a house to provide a home for 5-7 women to live in a community. They will have all the needed resources that they will need for complete healing, recovery and restoration. We see a two year program in order for the women to come totally into their freedom from a life of abuse and years of drug addiction.
In 2014 three of the women died. One was murdered, two died of heroin OD. All of the women were sexually abused which drove them to drug addiction to cover the pain.
These women do not have time on their side. They live every day in fear. Fear of a beating or worse. Most have children that have been taken from them. Donna who now is clean and has been off the streets for 4 1/2 yrs lived on the street selling herself, told me that every night for 4 1/2 yrs that she would die.

Above all we covet your prayers over the women, our ministry teams and the vision.
We also ask that you would pray about a gift or a monthly gift to Woven139.

In His hands

Ellen Fitch
Executive Director Woven 139

We are humbled and grateful to have a new partnership with local (Cincinnati) Faith-based nonprofit organization Woven 139. Woven 139 is a nonprofit that serves in Cincinnati helping, loving, feeding, and praying over prostitutes of every nature. It’s a growing organization with Ellen Wethington Fitch at the helm, fiercely leading others into some of the toughest places known, eventually looking to have a home with direct help for those seeking to change, get away from pimps, get clean from drugs, become a person much needed in our society. If you’d like to learn more about Woven 139 you can message either Facebook pages, call 513-485-8073, or email: woven139@gmail.com.